Photo Specification

What are the photo requirements for a Schengen visa application?

  • If you are applying for a Schengen visa, you must submit TWO photographs of yourself for identification purposes. These photos are part of your Basic Required Documents, and must be of a specific size, format, and perspective.
  • Attach these photos to your application, preferably with a paper clip, (do not staple them directly to the paper or affix them with glue).
  • These photos are subject to the following requirements:
    • Passport sized (3.5 x 4.5 cm).
    • Representative of you (i.e. your normal appearance/natural skin tone) and taken recently (within the past 6 months).
    • Taken against a plain white background and contain you alone; no other people or objects in the frame.
    • Capture mainly your face, and just the tops of your shoulders.
    • Your head must be forward-facing, so that all of your facial features are visible (i.e. not obscured by hair or accessories such as sunglasses) covering 32-36mm (70-80%) of the photo (if you normally wear (non-tinted) eyeglasses, you may wear them in the photo, so long as the frames don’t obscure any part of your eyes).
    • You must have a neutral expression, with your mouth closed and eyes opened (if red-eye occurs, it must be digitally removed).
    • Please note, while head coverings worn for religious reasons are acceptable, the entirety of your facial features must be visible, from your chin to your eyes. If there is fabric from a head garment in the frame, it may only cover the top part of your forehead-nothing more.
    • Photographs must be clear and in focus, color neutral and of a normal contrast and brightness.
    • Photographs must be printed at high resolution on high-quality photographic paper.
    • Photographs must be unmarked, containing no scratches, printer marks or wrinkles.
  • If you are applying for a visa online, through an official online visa application portal, you may be asked to scan and/or upload your photos electronically for submission as part of your electronic application. If so, these photos are subject to the same requirements as above. Additionally, because most country consulates/embassies require you to submit a print copy of your application with your online application, you will likely have to submit physical copies of your photos, in addition to the ones you submitted online.
  • Once submitted, these photographs become a component of your biometric identifiers, and are entered into the Schengen Visa Information System (VIS), a system allowing the sharing of visa data across Member States. Once entered, your data remains available for use by the requisite authorities of the Member States for the next 5 years. During this time, these various authorities may use your information for a variety of purposes relating to immigration or asylum, or even use your data to aid in the prevention/investigation of terrorism or other extreme forms of criminality. By submitting these photos, you are therefore consenting to their use for any and all of the above purposes.

কিভাবে সেঞ্জেন ভিসা ফর্ম ফিল আপ করবেন তা ডান পার্শ্বের কলামে নির্দেশনা উল্লেখ করা আছে তা দেখে নিন, নতুবা আমাদের সাথে যোগাযোগ করুন।

1. Surname (Family Name)
Write your name as indicated on your passport (Please do not add the words “married name” and the name of your husband)!

2. Surname at birth (Former Family Name)
Write the name you had at your birth if different than the one indicated in section 1.

3. First Name(s)
Write your first name(s) as indicated on your passport.

4. Date of Birth
Write your date of birth in day-month-year order. (Example. 15.05.1990)

5. Place of Birth
Write your place of birth as indicated on your passport.

6. Country of Birth
Add the name of the country, even if it is not specified on the passport.

7. Current Nationality
Nationality at Birth, if different
Write your passport’s nationality, and if appropriate, your nationality at birth if it is different from your actual nationality.

8. Gender
Check the box corresponding to your gender (Male or Female).

9. Civil Status
Check the box corresponding to your legal marital status.

10. Minors
Write the full name, address, and nationality of the person holding parental authority or legal guardianship

11. National Identity Number
Write your national identity number, if applicable

12. Travel Document Type
Specify the type of travel document.

13. Travel Document Number
Write the number as indicated in your passport or in your travel document.

14. Issue Date
Write the date your passport was issued (Please do not put the extension date).

15. Expiration Date
Write the date as indicated in your passport, taking into account any extension.

16. Issued By:
Specify the authority that issued the passport and the place of issue.

17. Applicant’s home address, email address and Telephone Number
Write the mailing address specifying whether it is your personal mailbox or that of another person or company (in this case, write the name of the mailbox owner).

Write your email address and as well as your landline and mobile telephone numbers in your country of residence and, where appropriate, in the country where you are submitting your visa application.

18. Residence in Another Country
Specify whether you live in a country other than your current nationality, stating, if you answer yes, the number of your residence permit and its expiration date.

19. Current Occupation
In principle, write the occupation indicated on the passport; if you indicate a different occupation, please write a short explanation, for example: “professor (former student)” or “retired (former sales manager)”. If you have no occupation, write “no occupation”.

20. Employer or Educational Institution
Write the name of the organization (firm, public service, educational institution) where you work and its contact information.

21. The Main Purpose of Your Trip
Check the box that describes the purpose of your trip.

22. Destination Member State
Write the name of the country you will be residing in for most of the traveling days, referred to as the main destination.

23. First Entry Member State
Specify the country where you will be entering the Schengen area.

24. Number of Entries Requested
Check the box corresponding to your desired number of entries.

25. Length of Stay
Write the duration corresponding to your desired length of stay.

26. Schengen Visas Issued during the Last 3 Years
Specify the number of visas that you have obtained to enter the Schengen area during the last 3 years.